I recently attended another great conference on social media for tourism organizations. One of the best things about educational conferences is that I come back to the office rejuvenated with lots of ideas – albeit, not every idea will survive. But as a marketer, I thrive on ideas. As I am rounding out the year, and moving into 2015, I know a lot of you are like me, and use the new year as a means to a new beginning. A new marketing campaign, a new social media channel or a new series of videos. I am challenging myself in the coming months to fully adopt 10 marketing trends that I believe will enhance my organization’s sales and marketing efforts.

  1. No more social-only initiatives.
  2. True online/offline marketing integration.
  3. Customized website landing pages.
  4. A more robust content calendar.
  5. Enhance the destination brand story.
  6. Develop cross-functional assets.
  7. Humanize the brand.
  8. Streamline advertising creative.
  9. Invest in photography and video.
  10. Develop strategic partnerships.

Now I don’t want you to think that I just threw these ideas out here to sit in space…no,no,no. While I believe these trends will help me, I also believe these trends will help you, so I plan to write an individual blog post on each of these 10 marketing trends, with ideas and suggestions on how you can tackle them for your organization. I am a true believer that a rising tide lifts all boats, so my goal here is to share with you what I am working on, in hopes that you’ll share something with me and then we both achieve success for ourselves, our organizations and our industry.

Are there any marketing trends that you’ve seen that you want to adopt in the coming year? If so, share them with me.

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