Translation Tuesday | 5.9.17

Monday 5.8.17

Giving comes from the heart. Those with big hearts, tend to have stronger relationships. Those with stronger relationships tend to have more opportunities. Those with more opportunities tend to have more success.

One thing that successful people have in common is that they actively seek out opportunities to help others achieve their goals and reach their own levels of success. When we think of helping others, we often think of handouts in the form of money or the exchange of a product or service. But not all giving has to be tangible. A smile, a regular check-in with someone via text or email or even a simple “thank you” can be the positive energy needed to make someone’s day.

Successful people are intentional, and they know that by pouring positive energy into others, that karma will eventually come back around, and give them the energy they need when they are having an off-day.

“Successful people are givers and not takers of positive energy.”

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