Translation Tuesday | 4.25.17

Monday 4.24.17

As a runner, your coach will always tell you to run through the finish line. And if you’ve ever watched a race, the person who slows up before the finish line in a tight race often loses. Which means the one who runs through the finish line will often win.

When runners train, they don’t train for the race they run by running that exact length. They train by running longer so that they can build up their endurance and strength. That extra training gives them the strength to run through the finish line as they ease out a victory. And when runners win, they often go the extra mile by running around the track celebrating their victory. All eyes are on them, as the crowd cheers them on and joins in the celebration.

To be successful, you can’t accomplish that by just doing your job. You have to go the extra mile by doing extra work, working more hours, studying your craft or gaining more education. Those efforts will allow you to standout amongst the competition.

“It is never crowded when going the extra mile.”

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