Translation Tuesday | 1.3.17

Every Monday morning, I post a motivational message for the week. Oftentimes, people will follow-up and ask me to interpret it for them and how it can be applied to their life – and with that “Translation Tuesday” was born. Every Tuesday, I will share with you what I believe the Monday Morning Motivation message means for you and your life.



If you happen to be a gardener, starting trees from a seed can be one of the most satisfying activities, but tree seeds often require more preparation than the common flower, fruit or vegetable seed.

Trees have been growing a long time without any help from humans. They can grow in two ways – (1) naturally, where nature just takes its course, or (2) through forced germination that produces more consistent results.

The key to making a tree grow is that the seeds have to be sown in the fall, which is the off-season, in order to germinate in the spring.  But with seeds, you have to be careful not to plant them too deep, because it could delay the spring germination process. Those seeds will soon take root and a tree will sprout.

You can’t grow, what you won’t plant.

In order for you to achieve your success, you need to be sowing into yourself in the off-season, in preparation for a growth spurt. As you grow, people may hang onto your branches, and your branches may break off, but if you planted your seeds right, your roots have taken shape, and that will allow you to withstand nature, and re-grow those broken branches – without having start all over again.

“The best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago. The second best time is now.”


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