NOTE: I previously shared with you my thoughts on 10 marketing trends that I plan to focus on in 2015. Of those 10 trends, I plan to break each one of them down into its simplest form so that you can understand it and implement it in your own destinations or places of business.

The old adage says that a picture is worth a thousand words. It has it origins in various places, but what it means is that a single complex idea can be conveyed with a single simple image.

Travel and tourism is driven by imagery to inspire people to visit destinations. That imagery is what drives content today – and has done so for many years. But not all organizations make the necessary investments for their photography and video needs. Given the massive use and adaptation of social media, photography and video are more vital to an organization’s marketing efforts than ever before. While photo posts have seen a drastic decline in organic reach on Facebook, they still drive engagement for Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest. Video has now taken over as the #1 way to organically reach users on Facebook, and of course, YouTube is still the #2 search engine, just behind Google.

So, there you have it. Those last two sentences describe the importance of photography and video. But the myth behind photography and video is that you have to spend a lot of money to get your goals accomplished. And in reality, you don’t.

Here are three ways to invest in photography and video, without breaking the bank:

  1. Exchange assets with your industry partners. Photography and video can be very expensive, especially when you begin to have conversations around licenses and usage. Rather than re-invent the wheel, talk to your industry partners about existing assets that they own or have access to, that you could negotiate use for a cheaper rate. Getting multiple parties together to negotiate a lower rate from a vendor is highly recommended too, as that leads to better economies of scale.
  2. Find your vendors on social media. For all the negative things that come along with social media, it is still a breeding ground of up-and-coming photographers and videographers who are hungry for work. Some of them do it as a hobby, and therefore, don’t require the higher fees like a professional. People also tend to take more risks on social media, and you’ll come across imagery and video that you never even knew could be executed.
  3. Invest in a mobile lens system. I still believe in the do-it-yourself philosophy, where you get out and shoot your own images or record your own videos. In order to do that, you can get by with purchasing some after-market equipment for your mobile device to enhance your photography and video needs. Lens attachments, mobile stabilizers and lav mics are a few items that are worth the investment.

I believe that using one or all three of tactics will aid you in finding or creating the best photography and video without exhausting all of your budget. What other tips would you add?

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