“10 Photos From My Walk Around Montréal”

I am a lover of culture.

On a recent trip to Montréal for a conference, I had the opportunity to do a photowalk tour led by one of the conference sponsors, Libris. Several of us gathered to take in the history, sights and sounds of this beautiful city, while also learning photography tips and tricks, no matter if we had a DSLR camera or an iPhone.

Montréal used to be the industrial and financial center of Canada, and is steeped in historic sites and architectural history, so my camera naturally gravitated to the buildings in and around this city. In addition, the people were amazingly nice, the vast food options would satisfy even the pickiest of eaters, but most importantly the vibe of this city is unmatched. If you are a lover of culture and history, I would strongly suggest you add Montréal to your bucket list. But in the meantime, enjoy these ten photos of mine:


Montreal_photowalk 5

Montreal_photowalk 1

Montreal_photowalk 4

Montreal_photowalk 8

Montreal_photowalk 7

Montreal_photowalk 2

Montreal_photowalk 9

Montreal_photowalk 6

Montreal_photowalk 3

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