Translation Tuesday | 4.18.17

Monday 4.17.17

When I think about discipline, I think about that line from Drake on Stay Schemin’ where  he raps “…you wasn’t with me shooting in the gym.”

He was making reference to how hard Kobe Bryant works in the gym, and how his wife was going to walk away with half of his basketball fortune, implying that she shouldn’t benefit from something that she didn’t help build during a time when they were going to file for divorce. She never filed for divorce, Kobe came to her defense and Drake apologized.

But Kobe Bryant, along with countless other athletes are the definition of discipline. You hear stories about these athletes working out before the game, playing the game, and then returning to work out after the game. You hear about their off-season workouts and meal plans. The ones who are disciplined enough to stay focused in season and out of season are the all-star caliber players.

There is a direct correlation between discipline and success. You can be motivated to be successful, but you need discipline more than motivation. Motivation is what gets you started, but discipline and habit is what will keep you there. The discipline that you put into your craft is what will take you to the top and open up new doors.

“Discipline is in fact the key that unlocks success and attracts opportunity.”

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