Translation Tuesday | 1.31.17

Every Monday morning, I post a motivational message for the week. Oftentimes, people will follow-up and ask me to interpret it for them and how it can be applied to their life – and with that “Translation Tuesday” was born. Every Tuesday, I will share with you what I believe the Monday Morning Motivation message means for you and your life.


We all have dreams. We all have goals.

But while goals are personal, they cannot be achieved in silos.

Individually, we can only go so far. After a certain amount of time, if we are grinding the right way, we are going to need someone’s help to get us to the next level, to open the next door or carry us over the next hurdle.

I’m reminded of Derek Redmond, whose father helped him cross the finish line in the semifinals of the 400m dash in the 1992 Olympics. Derek was going fast, all by himself, when all of a sudden, his hamstring tore, leaving him unable to continue running at the same pace he started the race with. While Derek started to limp towards the finish line, out of nowhere, his father comes out of the stands, fighting off security guards, determined to help him finish the race. Both men, arm in arm, finished the race together, both emotionally spent having cried the entire last part of the race together.

The same applies to our goals.

There will be times where we end up pulling a muscle that prevents us from achieving certain levels as it relates to our goals. Rather than trying to limp through the pain, we need to make sure we have a strong support staff that can come to our aide, and help us cross the finish line.

“If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.”

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