A Simple Rearrangement Breeds Success


Two words who use the exact same letters forwards and backwards. Two words, with the exact same letters, but when rearranged, create two different meanings.  Not only do they create different words with different meanings, but each word makes us feel completely different. Being stressed can cause serious health issues leading to depression, anxiety, and even personality disorders. Having desserts usually put us in a good mood.

When life gives you lemons, make lemonade.

We all have different circumstances and surroundings, and sometimes we have shared circumstances. It’s how we arrange those circumstances that determine our outcomes.

You see, some of us are only able to see things as though they are, while some of us can see things for what they are and for what they can be.

How many of us have been in dead-end jobs? How many of us have struggled financially? How many of us have family conflict? How many of us struggle with our faith and religion? How many of us struggle with body issues or our mental health?

More often than not, we have shared issues that we are trying to overcome. And to overcome those issues, it requires us to rearrange some things in our lives to help us become successful.

Are you planning to be STRESSED or are you planning to have DESSERTS?

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