“When We Get It Wrong As Leaders”

How many mistakes have you made as a leader? I’ve made plenty.

Leaders make mistakes. Presidents, CEOs, Managers, Team Captains and others have all made some questionable calls. However, most leaders are not willing to admit they messed up.

We’re taught at a young age to get it right. If you played youth sports, your coaches would yell at you if you missed an assignment or messed up a play, because it could potentially cost you the game. No one wants to be the cause of a loss, so if you messed up, you would try to hide it, or hope no one noticed.

But as a leader in the workplace, hiding your mistakes creates doubt and skepticism. Owning your mistakes shows courage and builds trust. Trust is the foundation for any leader – if your colleagues can’t trust you, they will not follow you. When we get it wrong as leaders, it is imperative to admit your wrongs, be vulnerable and talk through the situation with colleagues, and then make a commitment to being a better leader.

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