“Four Stores I Recommend for Men’s Sweaters”

Sweater weather is better weather.

I am a big fan of the fall and early winter, because it allows me to break out my sweaters. There is something about adding an additional layer to my wardrobe that makes me feel complete and whole.

Sweaters are like blankets you can wear to work.

– Anonymous

V-necks, crewnecks, cardigans, hoodies… you name it, I wear it.

And maybe you have a love of sweaters like me, so I thought I’d share where to get the best sweaters at a reasonable price.

Uniqlo. I have a staple of v-neck sweaters in my closet and all of them come from here. I stumbled upon this Japanese casual store about 7 years ago on a trip out to San Francisco, CA. They offer sweaters in merino wool, cashmere and even lambswool. All of my sweaters are of merino wool, so even when I am layering, it still allows my body to breath and not sweat to death. The feel of these merino wool sweaters is ultra smooth and I’ve never paid more than $30 for them.

Zara. This store is one of my favorite shops – hands down. I normally purchase my heavy cardigans and thicker sweaters from here as the designs are very unique. This is a Spanish retailer, and most items have a European cut to them, so if you are overly muscular or wear larger sizes you’ll be hard pressed to find something here that fits. But for the average size man, this store is a goldmine for sweaters that have street fashion appeal while being light on the wallet.

Target. Don’t sleep on them!!! If you’re looking to get some basics, then this is a great place to start that doesn’t break the bank. Their line of Goodfellow & Co. sweaters will rival those you’d find at Gap, matching their designs at a fraction of the cost.

H.E. by Mango. This store is one that most people are not familiar with, but it is packed with all types of sweater options for men. Basics, cardigans, turtlenecks, jacquard… they have it all. I’d compare them to Banana Republic, but with more fashion options. Most items run true to size, but I think, as with most fashion stores now, the cuts are a little slimmer than the traditional size. Pricing varies, and they are a little more expensive than the above mentioned retailers, but I feel like they always have a sale going on!

I like sweaters. I have a sweater obsession, I guess.

– Drake

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