Translation Tuesday | 3.28.17

Monday 3.27.17

There is going to come a time, when we hit a fork in the road. Whether it is our careers, our relationships or even our lives, we are going to have to decide if we should continue down the same path we’ve been on for years, or if we just walk away.

Many people fear walking away, because of the idea of what may be left behind. But if we stay, what are we not walking into? How long are you going stay at the company where you cannot grow and are at odds with your co-workers or direct supervisors? How long do you maintain a one-sided relationship? How long do you continue to live an unhealthy life?

On a personal note, after seven and a half years with a company and a position that I loved, I chose to walk away to take on a new role in a new organization. I walked away from comfort and ease, and stepped forward into the unknown – and it is one of the best decisions I have ever made for my career, my family and myself.

“Sometimes walking away is taking a step forward.”

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