Translation Tuesday | 3.14.17

Monday 3.13.17

Weddings and marriages.

While related, they are actually two totally different things. Weddings are beautiful, romantic and filled with happiness for all the world to see. Marriage is filled with compromise, sacrifice and lots of work behind the scenes. Weddings last a day, marriages last a lifetime.

This same reality plays out in our careers. Many of us spend more time daydreaming about the job we want, versus putting in the work to get and sustain that job. Just like a marriage, your career won’t bloom until you put in the effort – behind the scenes. That requires continuing education, networking with like-minded individuals and sacrificing leisure time with your friends, just to name a few. The more work you put in behind the scenes, results in the success that everyone sees.

“Many people spend more time in planning the wedding than they do in planning the marriage.”

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