Translation Tuesday | 1.10.17

Every Monday morning, I post a motivational message for the week. Oftentimes, people will follow-up and ask me to interpret it for them and how it can be applied to their life – and with that “Translation Tuesday” was born. Every Tuesday, I will share with you what I believe the Monday Morning Motivation message means for you and your life.



Growing up doing math in elementary school, we were always taught “K.I.S.S.” – keep it simple silly. But far too many times we make things more difficult than they have to be.

As a marketer, I understand that not everyone is on the same education level as myself. So when people ask me about certain marketing strategies, tactics and platforms, I ditch the big words and break it down into layman terms. The only reason I am able to break down some of the most complex marketing topics, is because I study them. I live and breath this stuff, and I am constantly in a learning state, trying to achieve the elusive term of perfection.

You too, have areas of expertise and knowledge that no one understands better than you. No matter your profession or level within an organization, all jobs require us to explain something – from the CEO all the way down to the front-line worker. The best CEOs, the best front-line workers, and all the roles in between become great when they can take the most complex problems and break them down into everyday solutions. There is nothing more frustrating than watching someone choose big word after big word, only to end the conversation leaving you completely lost.

The idea of “understanding it well enough” also speaks to entrepreneurs, salespeople, job candidates and the like – basically everyone! As a rule of thumb, you can practice by trying to break down a topic to someone who is not affiliated with your industry, or better yet try breaking it down to a child. If you can get them to understand it, then you’re well on your way. Study your craft, know your product or service, and speak in simple terms.

“If you can’t explain it simply, you don’t understand it well enough.”


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