“The Classic Casual Fall Ensemble”

When fall hits, I get excited.

It’s that time of the year when my favorite quote is “sweater weather is better weather.”


But fall in Kentucky can be tricky, as one day the temperatures can be in the 70s, and the next day they can drop down to the 50s.


Normally, most sweaters are warm enough to where you do not need a jacket, and adding a jacket tends to make it too warm. So, I opt for the downs vest that provides some warmth to the chest, but allows the fall breeze to still hit my arms. If I wear jeans in the fall, I always opt for the dark rinse, and then I like to finish off the ensemble with a nice pair of boots. Any pair of boots will do, but I am a fan of duck boots. They have the rubber sole that makes them comfortable to walk in, while at the same time keeps your feet warm and dry from the cooler temperatures and rain that normally comes with fall weather. The pair I own are L.L. Bean, and they are handcrafted, so the quality is superior. All in all, when it comes together, it makes for the classic casual fall ensemble.


Fall Ensemble Details:

  • Maroon downs vest by Zara
  • Chambray collar shirt by H&M
  • Sweater by Gap
  • Denim by Mott & Bow
  • Boots by L.L. Bean


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