“A Simple Guide on Where to Buy Lapel Pins”

Often when we talk about accessories for wardrobes, the conversation is geared more towards women than men. Now while us men don’t have the need for as many accessories as women, there are a few that should be in your possession, and one of those must-have accessories are lapel pins.

By now, most men either own or have seen lapel pins, which are just the small pins that are worn on the lapel of your jacket. They are nothing new, as before lapel pins became popular men wore boutonnieres. I love lapel pins, because it gives your suit or blazer that lil’ somethin’ extra to say “Hey, look at me!” without shouting to the rooftop. And I own plenty – with a good mix of button lapels and pin lapels. But while they are popular, they are not the easiest items to find.


#1 | Suited Man – Suited Man has the most extensive collection of lapel pins, encompassing pin lapels and button lapels. There are so many options here that you can find a lapel pin for every occasion and outfit in your closet. Shipping is fast and the packaging is nice too.

#2 | Lovely Lapels – Lovely Lapels has a similar collection to Suited Man, but it is not as extensive. They tend to offer more clearance items than the other vendors, and since lapel pins don’t have a season, you can always find one here for a low cost.

#3 | The Tie Bar – I get all my ties from here, so when they started selling lapel pins, it seemed like the obvious choice for me. But the quality of their product is not as good as Suited Man or Lovely Lapels. You still have a wide choice of options, but I recommend you order one first before you purchase multiple.

As an added bonus, there is a local shop that I have purchased lapel pins from, and ironically it is the one lapel pin that people ask me the most about, and that is Cool J Lapel Pins by my friend John Wilson.


Where have you purchased lapel pins? Is there somewhere else I should shop? I hope these recommendations help you in upgrading your wardrobe.

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  1. Hello,
    My name is Dawn Brown of VERTU31. I hand make all of my boutonnieres. The perfect touch for any tie, bow tie and suit.
    Check us out on Facebook. Vertu31 Group

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