“5 Essentials For Every Man’s Fall Wardrobe”

As soon as the seasons change, so do our wardrobes. After every season, I go through my closet and donate the clothes that I didn’t get much wear out of the past season, and then do an inventory of clothes I have for the upcoming season. I try on some things to make sure they still fit and look good, and then I make a wishlist of items that I’d like to add in the coming weeks.

If you’re looking to update your wardrobe for the fall season, or looking to buy something special for that man in your life, here is my list of five essentials that every man should have in his wardrobe for the fall season.

#1 | The Cloth/Knit  Fedora. The weather is not cold enough for a toboggan to where you need to cover your ears, that’s for the winter. But the mornings and evenings are cool enough to don a nice hat that can accent your wardrobe. Think fedora style, but the material should be cloth or knit to keep your head warm from the cool breeze.


#2 | The Turtleneck. Yea folks, it’s back! Turtlenecks started making a comeback a few years ago, but now in 2016, I think it is safe to pull it out again. Opt for a basic dark color like black, brown or gray that you can use to accent with a nice blazer. It’s a versatile shirt that can be worn with your dress suit, dress slacks, chinos or jeans.


#3 | The Cardigan. I always tell people that sweater weather is better weather. I love sweaters, in particular cardigans. For those days where you don’t want to wear a suit, the cardigan makes for a nice alternative to wearing a jacket. If you pair it with a tie, go for the slim or skinny tie, and add a tie bar to it – you’ll thank me later.


#4 | The Downs Vest. Because it is not overlay warm or cold in the fall, sometimes you need to add a top layer to your shirt or sweater. Grab yourself a lightly padded downs vest to add some flavor to your outfit of the day. And because it is lightweight, you can leave it on all day.


#5 | The Suede Loafer. Nothing says fall to me more than a pair of suede loafers. These shoes are perfect for the fall, because the material will keep your feet warm and the design will make your outfit pop. When choosing suede loafers, go with a pair in the dark earthy tone family (think brown and cognac), because they are the most versatile. If you’re feeling risky, try a pair of navy blue suede loafers, they are just as versatile. Only go black if you’re looking for something more formal.


There you have it folks, hope that helps you out a bit as you start your fall shopping. Is there anything else you would add to the mix?

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