“Why The Double-Breasted Blazer Is A Spring Wardrobe Essential”

double breasted blazer 4

Growing up, I remember wearing double-breasted suits as a child. Not all of my suits were double-breasted, but for the occasions on which I wore it, it was special. That was back in the 80’s, and then as time and fashion shifted, single button suits became the thing.

See, fashion always tends to repeat itself, and this trend has come full circle. Yes, the double-breasted blazer is back, and you need to get one. With the spring season upon us, this is the season of linen. The season of colors. The season with fewer suits and more blazer/chino combinations. The season to make a statement with the double-breasted blazer.

The thing I like about double-breasted blazers is they add a level of style and sophistication to your wardrobe that the everyday single-button blazer cannot offer. You can rock them with dress pants, chinos or jeans. And for the real risk-taker, you can even pair them with a pair of shorts.

Now in order to rock a double-breasted blazer, there are some key elements that you need to take into consideration:

  1. Do not try to recycle your older double-breasted blazer from 10 years ago. The style, cut and fabric of today’s blazers are far superior.
  2. A double-breasted blazer accentuates the chest and mid-section of men, so depending on your build, you need to be real careful on what you are bringing attention to. If you are on the stocky/muscular/overweight-in-the-belly area side, you may want to stay away.
  3. There are 4-button and 6-button blazers to choose from, a 6-button blazer creates a slimmer silhouette versus a 4-button blazer.
  4. If you have a choice, go with peak lapels. These lapels create balance across the chest area, and add a little bit of flair to the blazer.
  5. Color is key, so you’ll want to choose a neutral color to create various looks within your wardrobe, or you’ll want to choose a bold color to make an even bigger statement.

When you first decide to wear this double-breasted blazer – BE PREPARED. Be prepared for heads to turn and for people to look you up and down. Be prepared for the positive comments on your risk-taking fashion sense. Be prepared to be best-dressed man in the room.

Good luck gentlemen, stay stylish.

double breasted blazer 1

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