“Where to Buy a Watch Without Breaking the Bank”


The definition of an accessory is a thing that can be added to something else in order to make it more useful, versatile, or attractive. While the selection of accessories for men is far less than those available to women, we as men can still make the same impact with our choice of accessories. For men, I break down the accessory category into the following:

Ties – Pocket squares – Cuff links – Belts – Tie bars – Lapel pins – Socks – Watches

Each of the above accessories, used individually or in conjunction with one another, will make your wardrobe more attractive. For the sake of this post, let’s talk about watches. Some men view watches as a staple to their wardrobe, and wear one everyday as a statement piece. Personally, I view watches as an accessory, some days I wear one, other days I do not. Because I like their versatility, I choose to possess multiple watches to match my style choice for the day. Most people prefer quality over quantity, and while that statement holds true for most products, what if I told you that you can have QUALITY and QUANTITY at the same time?

I never pay more than $75 for a watch. Matter of fact, the majority of watches I wear are under $50. Now I know some of you reading this are like, “Bruh…your watches must be cheap!”, and YES!, they are cheap – in price only. Consumer products have come a long way, and retailers are now able to make more quality products at affordable prices. As a style lover, I’ve been able to find affordable watches, while still remaining stylish, and I wanted to share with you three places from which I purchase watches. Their timepieces are stylish in design, and affordable for the everyday man.

  1. Breda. Breda watches have a simple and contemporary aesthetic to them, that breeds self-expression. These timepieces are usually listed under $75, with the majority of them in the price range of $30 – $50. Their various styles come in handy during the spring and summer seasons when my wrists are more frequently exposed and I want to showcase my creativity.
  2. Dapper Time. Dapper Time calls their timepieces “affordable luxury”. When you first lay eyes on them, they look expensive, but most watches are under $75. I prefer their watches on days when I am wearing a suit, as they have more of a formal design to them.
  3. ALDO. ALDO is primarily known for their shoes, but I have been a fan of their affordable accessories for years. Their watches are usually $40 and under, and are great choices for both the casual and formal look.

Next time you are out searching for a timepiece, and don’t want to spend a lot money, I recommend you check out these three retail shops, and save your money for a rainy day.

Stay stylish my friends.

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