“The Difference Between Stylish And Flashy”


There is a stark difference between stylish and flashy. Style is about knowing who you are and building a wardrobe to fit your body type. It’s an inner confidence that exudes because you don’t  give a damn about what others think. It’s about being noticed…without trying to be noticed. On the opposite end, flashy is all about showing others what you have by drawing attention to yourself. It’s more about what others think of you, rather than what you think of yourself. Flashy is usually the center of attention, whereas style puts you at the center of “eye”-tention.

As a man, you can be stylish without being flashy – the key is balance and contrast. If you have a solid color suit, opt for a gingham or striped dress shirt with a patterned tie. If you have a patterned suit, add balance by choosing a solid color shirt. When putting your ensembles together make sure your patterns and colors do not clash, but compliment each other. Balance out the look with the addition of accessories like a pocket square, tie bar or a lapel pin.

Stay stylish my friends.

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