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Outerwear isn’t designed to just keep you warm, it’s also designed to be a part of your daily ensemble. With men’s clothes, the average outfit is the summation of your style. And by that, I mean that whatever you choose to wear on a normal basis is who your style persona is. Most men look at outerwear as something to keep them warm as they fight off the various elements of weather, but in actuality, we should view our outerwear as an extension of our daily wardrobe. When choosing outerwear, there is absolutely nothing wrong with a black topcoat, but next time you’re out looking, I challenge you to select a more versatile color such as gray, navy or camel. These three colors are what we call neutral colors, meaning they will blend with just about any other color you decide to wear with it. The thing I like most about these three colors is they don’t carry the “formal” presence that a black topcoat brings with it. While keeping you warm, you will also be able to add a bit of flair to your ensemble.

Insider’s Tip: Get rid of the top coats that fall past your knees, and go for the ones that fall above the knee. It creates a better silhouette and a more stylish look.


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  1. Simple and practical guide to teaching the fundamentals of style that every man needs! Great stuff bro!

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