“Three Core Principles of Great Marketing”

Great marketing follows 3 core principles: truth, shared experiences and culture.

At the core of any product or service is truth. Federal law requires that advertising must be truthful and not misleading, but we ALL know there are instances where the product or service doesn’t match the experience. While the majority of truth relies on brands making the products, the other side of truth relies on brands sharing the true customer experience.

Sharing the customer experience is word-of-mouth marketing, which has always been effective, as 92% of consumers purchase products based on the recommendations of family and friends. Social media has accelerated word-of-mouth marketing to where we are now connected to thousands of “virtual family and friends” whose recommendations we can listen to. Shared experiences reinforce the truth about a product or service for us and allow us to make stronger connections by enhancing our individual experiences.

Good marketing should always follow and be influenced by culture. Culture is about the customs, arts and beliefs of a people that transcend across generations. It’s about the consumer’s lifestyle. Understanding culture is what allows us to better connect with our consumers.

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